"On March 16, 1962 the first vision of this organization began 
at the home of Mr. & Mrs. George Gould"

Our History

George GouldProviding an insight into the past, present and future, Pioneer Threshermans is located 15 km east of High Prairie in the Triangle District within the MD of Big Lakes. Pioneer Threshermans facility(s) sits on 80 acres nestled among cleared and wooded land.
On March 16, 1962 the first vision of this organization began at the home of Mr. & Mrs. George Gould. A group of local people gathered over coffee and discuss ways to preserve historical equipment, and share experiences and stories of the past. The goal was to build a pioneer machinery museum. Also to eventually expand the area to include camping grounds, trails and recreational events. They chose to name the organization, “The Smoky Pioneer Threshermans Association”

On September 24, 1962 a Certificate of Incorporation was granted and the name was changed to “Pioneer Threshermans Association at Triangle”.
A community hall was built and the first dance was held on October 4, 1963. On August 9, 1965 the first field day was held. This event was later held on Canada Day (July 1st). The first New Year’s Dance was held in 1967.
Pioneer Threshermans Association is a “non-profit” association and all financial income is committed to improve our facility and services on behalf of the community. Throughout the years there were many additions such as: pioneer log house and museum, flour mill, blacksmith shop, petting zoo, horseshoe pits, ball diamonds, large shed to house machinery, and church. It has grown into an organization that hosts several events for the enjoyment of the community.
Pioneer Threshermans also supports functions held within the town of High Prairie such as hosting birthday parties at the Pleasantview Lodge on rotation basis with other organizations.

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Canada Day 1980

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Our Local History

history iconPioneer Threshermans Association was established in 1962 to preserve and maintain our pioneer heritage.

The High Prairie region was historically under water, a part of Lesser Slave Lake. When the water receded, fertile land, fed by many small streams was left behind. The Cree Indians named the district "Muskatayospi", which means "Prairie River", after the two main streams in the area, the West Prairie and East Prairie Rivers.

The Klondike Gold Rush in 1897-98 brought a large influx of white people through Grouard, which was then the gateway to the north.

The opening of Northern Alberta to homesteaders followed the historical water routes from Edmonton, through Athabasca Landing to Lesser Slave Lake and then going north on the old Grouard Trail. World War II further opened the road system with the building of the Alaskan Highway (which goes past Triangle).

The railroad played an important role to opening the area to settlers. The steam engine was the muscle machine of the era. Not only powering trains, steam engines were used to saw logs for lumber and powered the plows that broke the land for crops.

High Prairie can attribute its humble beginnings to settlers who came here in pursuit of cheap, fertile land. The first settlers arrived here around the turn of the century.

High Prairie's real development began as a result of the railroad. Partly due to a mix-up in water samples, the railroad was rerouted, by-passing the thriving town of Grouard and ended up going through High Prairie towards Winagami Lake. Within a year of this development, many of the businesses in Grouard left and relocated in High Prairie. An influx of people followed and the hamlet began to grow. A school district was formed in 1908, and the first school was named Prairie River.


Unfortunately we lost some valuable members of our association.
They treasured many wonderful memories of the time we spent with them. 
They will all be missed but never forgotten. 

Stan Deynaka 1937---2015
Matt Zahacy 1937---2015
Vickey Strause 1933---2014
Bob Williscroft 1928---2013

Warren Stout 1940---2012
Lorne Napier 1925---2012
Dennis Fjeld 1946---2011

Myrtle Cook 1947---2009
Dorothy Turner 1920---2007
Lyle Fjeld 1957---2006
Roy Turner 1921---2006

Betty Martinson 1920---2004
Yvonne M. Kalita 1943---2003
Don Strause 1930---2003
Jack Burley 1906---2002

Members that have passed prior to 2000. 
With our apologies to any we have missed:

George Gould
Bill Clark
Lillian Gould
Fritz Krueger
Gordon Florence
Ruth Gould
Emily Burley
Evert Gould
Bill Pollack
Dale Perry
Wesley Florence
Dick Hanson
Rusty Kiefler
Bill Stecik
Ruth Strebchuck
Adell Randall
Glen Jacobi
Gordon Carpenter
Wayne Sherris
Alex Keifler
Roger Owen
Hugh Cook
Roy Kelly
Art Umback
Joe Bayerle
Len Ragan
Nick Davyduck
Lloyd Turner
Irene Turner


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Minutes Archive

Notepad Bloc notes iconRead here the Pioneer Threshermans Association minutes History March 1962 - March 1998